Lema color rendering w text no Lema jpeg

Tuscan styled elevations. Roof tile dark brown flat style similar to cabana photo.
Light tan stucco. Dark brown trim.
Front brick work similar to the Burke Lane home.


 4,250 sq ft living area

3,310 sq ft in garages;

A drive-thru RV 20’ x 55’ garage

A 2nd 24’ x 40’ RV garage

Plus a 3-car boat-deep garage

450 sq ft cabana

1,310 sq ft 93’ x 18’ rear covered patio with view deck

130 sq ft Phoenix tower

9,450 sq ft under roof 

$1,100,000  (Only$113 under roof)

ALLOWANCES for Kirk, Lema, Caesar Place, Mediterranean, Pena Lane, Kiowa Bay, Firefly:  $35,000 cabinets; $12,000 granite counters; $12,000 tiled showers; $18,000 exterior brick; $5,000 bath accessories; $15,000 appliances; $8,000 light fixtures/fans; $7,000 front door; $10.00 psf flooring in living areas; $2,000 underground electric; $4,000 security/electronics; $10,000 driveways; $25,000 landscaping.  Thermidor termite pre-treatment and pest proofing.

Not Included; lot, grading, surveys, pool/walls/fencing/decking, evap coolers, blinds, furniture, wall decorations. Prices subject to change.

OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Decorative concrete, exterior floor tile, patio-pool deck finishes, furnishings, window coverings, extra bedrooms and baths, bigger garages. House, patios, garages are all expandable. We’ll do our best to give you the design and changes you want.

Kitchen and breakfast area designed for informal entertaining next to a great room. Big 8′ entry/interior doors, large window walls. Walk-in tiled shower. A sauna in some models.  Granite kitchen-bath counters, textured wall finish w/ low-sheen paint & accent walls.

High ceilings, big and bold interior structures. Pantry, niches, large allowances and upgrades included in base price. For various types and colors of stucco, see  finishes. For various types and colors of roof tile, see roofs.

ENERGY STAR UPGRADES BY DBU: The basic Energy Star program featured by other builders includes a 14 SEER AC unit, R38 attic insulation, R19 sidewall batts, with standard roof sheeting.

However these DBU’s Luxury models are upgraded to a; 16+ SEER AC unit, R50 attic insulation, R23 blown walls in living area, R21 sidewall batts in garage, and LP Tech Shield  with  VaporVents™  roof sheeting

Included in DBU’s upgraded energy package are; 410A refrigerant, Nest thermostat, efficient air filters, Low E dual pane vinyl Milgard performance series windows, 2” polyISO foam, air barrier poly-sealing (doors, windows, bottom plates, and penetrations), split batts, sealing of return/supply cans and R6 flex ducts, advanced framing techniques to DOE OEV standards, Energy efficient hot water heater, low flow toilets, low VOC emission paints and carpets, and blower door and duct blaster testing with HERS inspection and rating for the  Energy Star certificate. SolaTube units on some models. See Luxury Home specs.

KITCHEN & BATH CABINETS:  We recommend Bob’s Cabinets and Completion Plus for custom cabinets.

With these firms, DBU will help you with kitchen design details and cabinet and counter selections. This is important because each home is unique in its own way and deserves a special touch that sets it apart. Our design professionals have the skills and experience to offer unique cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets, and trim that can define your DBU home and give it those singular qualities you are seeking.

For appliances, we recommend City Maytag. This is a local business that has the same products offered by Lowes or Sears. But, City Maytag is smaller, locally owned providing excellent service and support.

APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS: 4,250 sq ft living area. 3,310 sq ft in garages; A drive-thru RV 20’ x 55’ garage. A 2nd 24’ x 40’ RV garage. Plus a 3-car boat-deep garage. 450 sq ft cabana. 1,310 sq ft 93’ x 18’ rear covered patio with view deck. 130 sq ft Phoenix tower. 9,450 sq ft under roof.

The basic house plan is 107’ wide, 94’ deep; minimum R1 lot 117’ x 124’. RE zone lot 127’ x 124’. Square foot dimensions include the outer skin of foam/stucco, which is the method of measurements for appraisals and taxes. Dimensions approximate.



Check our luxury home plans for Caesar Place, Kiowa, Firefly, Breakwater, Pena Lane.

Our main model is located at 422 McCulloch Blvd S.