“A DBU home is about quality that guarantees peace of mind for years to come.”

Bill Ullery, President & CEO

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Over 25 years in Lake Havasu and over 500 quality custom homes…
DBU Homes is known to
everyone in our small town.”


We don’t build the typical production home in Lake Havasu City, make no mistake about it. We’re a custom home builder and we build with workmanship and pride, and that translates to a reliable, high quality product. We build that way to eliminate a lot of problems that typically crop up as a home ages. Our homes, over 500 since 1990, age gracefully.”..

Some History: Bill Ullery, the founder of DBU, began his career as an electrician. He later taught a variety of building trades including architectural drafting, carpentry, plumbing, air conditioning, building codes, etc. Progressing from a shop teacher to positions as a dean and 2-year technical college president, Bill supervised apprenticeship and associate degree programs. He advanced to state director of vocational education and was the CEO of a state system of six technical colleges.Typically when building trades teachers retire, most try to keep active with home improvement projects. And for some guys, a new house or two. For Bill, as a licensed contractor, it’s been over 500 new homes over the past 24 years with no end in sight.

Civic Booster: In 2014, Bill ran for mayor of Lake Havasu City. While unsuccessful, he did press issues important to several thousand residents. Obviously, Bill has been involved with the community and one of its most visible activists. You may check on his newest projects at www.BillUllery.com

In another example of Bill’s civic contributions, “In appreciation for uncommon community leadership and vision,” the local United Way selected Bill to be the only Lake Havasu person it has ever elected to our nation’s prestigious Alexis De Tocqueville Society.

More recently, Bill was the Chamber of Commerce citizen of the year and the Grand Marshal of its London Bridge parade. From the news article: “One of our recipient’s nominators said Bill has worked tirelessly to achieve a dream, and his passion and tenacity have made it (the new ASU at Lake Havasu campus) real.”

“Another mentioned the thousands of hours Bill has spent in making something wonderful happen for Havasu (the new ASU at Lake Havasu campus), using his own resources and his own time when frankly, he could be laying by the pool enjoying his retirement. Yet another said Bill is one of the few that understand the economic impact and overall awareness a four-year university will bring to Lake Havasu City. No matter the opposition, Bill has been at the forefront, championing our cause, and staking a claim for our community. Because of his diligence, ASU at Lake Havasu is now a reality.”

The Chamber’s recognition was followed the prestigious Rotary Paul Harris Society Honorary Fellow tribute and an honorary membership in Rotary.

Before that, Bill was the Partnership for Economic Development’s only nominee ever for the national IEDC award. The local Shriner’s club recently presented an award to Bill for his “unselfish generosity.”

Bill also received special recognitions from the Havasu Foundation for Higher Education for his work in bringing Arizona State University to Lake Havasu City. Bill was the incorporator and the executive director for this local 2,000-member Foundation that secured the ASU at Lake Havasu campus for Lake Havasu. The new ASU campus opened August 2012.

Bill served three terms on the board of directors of the Partnership for Economic Development. He also funded and led a 124-member non-profit group that investigated and litigated government corruption.

While these are but a few examples of Bill’s community involvement, contributions, and awards, the main point for a prospective homebuyer is the ability to get references, verify reputations, and measure integrity. Havasu is a small town and you can ask anybody about Bill Ullery and DBU Homes.

The DBU Team: Bill’s brother Harold and former partner retired a few years ago.  Nancy Koglin is the current DBU Realty broker.

Tom Porter is a member our administration team and has been with DBU for 15 years. Tom and his wife have a PV3 model which is open by appointment. This model can be viewed in the Popular Homes section of this website.

Most homes are new and have unique designs reflecting the taste and lifestyle of the homeowners themselves. The latest computer technology combined with DBU’s vast talent and experience translate to limitless design possibilities for their clients. The floor plan is processed and polished until it is completely suited to the needs of the family. No detail is disregarded. The end result is a home that lives, works and functions in complete harmony with the family occupying it.

Design and function, although important, are only part of the equation. Quality is the hidden, often unseen factor. The folks at DBU maintain hands-on quality control as they design and build each new property. Maintaining a consistent degree of high quality in all aspects of the home’s construction insures a product that will satisfy the buyer for the long term and fortify the already impressive reputation of DBU Homes at the same time.

Quality and Reliability: It has been said that clients and builder must be compatible from the outset of their relationship, since the stress that sometimes develops during the course of the construction process can test the mettle of all involved. DBU staff feels the full weight of this caveat and work diligently with each client to create, reinforce and to maintain their customer’s full measure of their abilities.

Working with known quantities in the local construction industry produces much peace of mind for all concerned. Knowing the quality and reliability of workmanship provided by sub-contractors is a huge advantage for the DBU staff. Keeping themselves informed of all aspects of the process, from initial design to the mechanics of the sale itself, results in a quality product delivered to satisfied customers in a timely fashion–the very essence of a good business.

Surely, our DBU family can be of help to you and your family in matching a home to your wants and needs. Our staff has access to the entire MLS listing service. This means DBU can do more than just build dream homes. We can help you find the perfect property or existing home to suit your individual taste. We can handle all your real estate needs, from buying, selling, to new construction.” This is a rather unique attitude of service. This is the DBU success story.

The 422 McCulloch Blvd S. model is coordinated by owner Bill Ullery. Assisting are Designated Broker Nancy Koglin.

Our Customer Commitment

We believe in being fair and honest with our customers and each other. In this manner, we will build trust and long-term relationships.
We believe in delivering on our promises, and we work toward positive relationships with our customers, associates and subcontractors.
We believe in being accessible to our customers and, listening to their concerns. We want to make the home buying experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
We believe that everyone involved in the process is responsible for resolving issues that are brought to them in a prompt, professional and courteous manner.
We believe in continuous improvement of our product, services and processes.
We believe that our subcontractors are our ‘Partners in Quality’ and we will only associate with the best subcontractors and suppliers available.
We strive to satisfy our customers. In order to do this we will maintain the highest standards for quality and integrity.
As the Particular Homebuilder we pay special attention to the location design, construction and service of your new home. We strive to deliver on this promise throughout the home buying process.