10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: 20 page contract addendum.
HOME OWNERS’ GUIDE: 24 page contract addendum.
DBU PROJECT LIST: lists over 500 homes constructed in Mohave County by address  and customer.
WEEKLY CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE: a list of homes currently
under construction with address, customer name, status (slab, framing, drywall, etc.), and construction superintendent.
SCHEDULE CHECKLIST: a detailed checklist for our construction
superintendents on every step and critical point of construction.
SUB PHONE: a complete telephone list of all DBU sub-contractors,
vendors, and business associates.
COLORS: a checklist for choosing colors, appliances, etc.
CABINET START: an order sheet for cabinets.
PLUMBING: a checklist for plumbing details and changes.
POLICIES: various documents on policies regarding concrete, vinyl, driveways, evaporative coolers, etc.
CLOSINGS: documents on closing procedures.
INTERIM CONSTRUCTION FINANCING: a policy on construction financing.
HOUSE START: a checklist for getting your new home started;
survey, permits, etc.
FINAL CUSTOMER WALK THRU: a detailed checklist used by the
construction superintendent with customers at the completion of the home.
RECEIPT AND WAIVER OF LIEN: a receipt to be issued with each earnest deposit and draw payment.
MODEL DIMENSIONS: a list which gives the dimensions of various DBU floor plans and essential when buying a lot or matching a model to a specific lot.
MODELS & FLYERS: a current list of active DBU models and floor plans recently constructed in Mohave County.
PRICE LISTS: confidential material available to DBU sales staff only. Used with customers in tailoring a specific home to the client’s needs and budget.
Our sales staff has many resources designed specifically to help our valued customers. Please help them to help you in the search for the home best suited for you.