Our staff will help you in every step of getting your new home project properly started. These are some of the key areas in which our experience can benefit you from over 25 years and over 500 new homes. Simply click on the topic below.
Selecting a model, floor plan and elevation.
Financing, qualification, and payments within your comfort zone.
Lot purchase (if you dont already have one in Lake Havasu).
Lot preparation (or including the essential tasks in your budget).
Budget and contract.
Project management.
Home Owners Guide.
Selecting a model, floor plan and elevation.
As you can see from this huge web site, we have a lot of new-home floor plans. Moreover, we have two models (both very different) open daily. And, with computers, we have numerous plans for use in our office. Surely we can help you with your search for the perfect house. How do you get started with this review? Simply check the plans on this web site. Visit our models. Talk to our staff. Most of our clients find the personal contact with our folks the best option. We can answer questions more quickly and save you considerable time.top
Financing, qualification, and payments within your comfort zone.
A few new homebuyers prefer to deal in cash and not mortgage finance. Some people finance the new home due to tax benefits and the advantages of keeping their cash in other investments. Most people use mortgage financing because that’s the only way they can gain access to the size and type of home they want and need. Just let us know your preferences and we will do what we can to help.

We are happy to recommend any one of a dozen or more reputable mortgage companies in Lake Havasu. Mohave State Bank is very good. We will not hesitate to share general impressions and some details of our past experience with these lenders. We are particularly willing to discuss those lenders who have consistently performed admirably with our other clients. We will give you references of our current and past clients relative to specific lenders if you wish.

One of the first steps is to get pre-qualified. This takes 10 to 15 minutes and is fairly easy. You can do it on the lender’s web site. You will be given a list of information you will need to supply for the required credit check. We can help you get started. Our staff can complete most details on our computers or you can do this work at the mortgage brokers office. We can help you select the lender of your choice.

We do not do mortgage lending ourselves. Why? Simply too many opportunities for conflicts of interest. Our method best preserves the good relationship we desire with our valued clients.


Lot purchase (if you dont already have one in Lake Havasu)
There are still over 1,000 vacant lots in Lake Havasu! Usually, 100 to 200 are on the market and multi-listed. Our licensed realtors (DBU Realty, LLC) are very knowledgeable of this market. DBU does not typically list lots. Thus, in most instances, our realtors can represent you solely, as a buyer. Its a concept called “buyers agent.” The intent is to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings that sometimes occur when agents represent both buyer and seller in real estate transactions.

Our staff, because of their experience and active involvement in new construction, can help you evaluate the lot and its potential for the type of home you want to build. Our job superintendents or head contractors should see the lot before offers are made. Some details may need to be specified in an offer to purchase for your protection. This is very important.top

Lot preparation (or including the essential tasks in your budget).
Lake Havasu generally enjoys very stable soil. Only a few lots need special attention. We can help you get bids for fill where required. We help with the survey, PERC test (required for septic systems), plot plan, grading, and engineering/compaction tests. This work can be done prior to writing a construction contract with DBU. However, most of our clients include lot preparation in their construction contract. They save the cost of a special grading permit. We simply include such details in the new-home budget. We know what to do and how to do it. Properly approached, lot preparation should not be unduly costly or a problem of significance for you.top
Budget and contract.
With most construction contracts, we develop a detailed Excel spreadsheet budget. Every detail of importance is included. This becomes a vital part of the construction contract. For some projects, such budgets are quite short and simple. On large luxury homes where everything must be bid, the budget may be 2 or 3 pages long.

Most new homebuyers make some changes to our standard designs. For example, garages are occasionally shortened. More often, garages are enlarged to accommodate all of the toys. We add and enlarge rooms, RV garages, tile upgrades, windows, doors, or just about any thing you want done. Our staff is prepared to quote prices for all such changes. If it is something we haven’t done recently, we simply call our subs and suppliers for firm quotes. Usually, they respond within days. Sometimes such bidding takes a week.

The contract form we use is common to our industry. Similar forms can be purchased at most office supply stores. Our staff will be happy to provide you with a copy and explain the details. Most mortgage lenders are familiar with our contract. It meets their requirements. And since we seldom make changes to the standard form, it is not subjected to legal department review with each new loan application. For us, such stability is good business.

Your mortgage lender, before your application is approved, will require a signed contract. The budget must be complete and correct. We will supply them with a plot plan and a complete set of prints for your specific project. An independent third-party appraisal will be required for the protection of everyone involved. This is the way it should be.

During the course of construction, we will be required to provide the lender with lien releases on every expenditure prior to any payments to DBU. A title company (usually First American Title) will be involved as a requirement of your lender.


Project Management.
We help you with pre-qualification and application for mortgage financing (Mohave State Bank). We help with the land purchase. We provide all essential documents to your lender and the title company. We submit the permits and make any changes and revisions as required by the city. We help you with color and material selections including appliances, cabinets, etc. We schedule all work with our subs and suppliers. Many of these folks have been with us for 10 to 15 or more years. They know our rigorous standards.

They know that they will be paid weekly and they know that the checks wont bounce. Financial stability in this business is vitally crucial to long-term success. Were among the best anywhere in this country.

Our construction superintendent for your specific project will be on your job site on most days, sometimes two or three visits when necessary. The city building department and the county health department are also involved in a series of inspections. Your mortgage lender will conduct inspections prior to each draw or payment to DBU.

With such rigorous service and frequent inspections, what if anything is left for you to do? Actually, not much. If you wish, you can travel or go on vacation. Some of our winter visitor clients return home with the intent of having a completed new home when they return the next fall or winter. This works fine. Your lender and an independent appraiser do their final inspections anyway. We do a final walk-through with clients when they return or at their convenience. If you are in town, we would prefer that you participate in weekly visits to the job site with the construction superintendent. This is done by appointment.

How does our performance compare with other general contractors in the state of Arizona? One former inspector for the Registrar of Contractors told us that he could find no other general contractor in the entire state of Arizona with fewer complaints filed over a ten-year period for a similar number of homes built. Impressive!

We will be happy to provide you with a list of the original owner of every home we have ever built. We can also give you a phone list of all of our current suppliers and subs. Call anyone. You should check references before undertaking any new home construction project.